New Products from WNA


It’s Unique. It’s Sophisticated. It’s Stemless!

WNA is excited to introduce our newest innovation in drinkware; the Reserv™ Stemless Collection! Made from shatterproof PET, complemented by its visually appealing design, these glasses are the ideal single-use serving solution for stunning food & beverage presentations at any indoor or outdoor event!

 Reserv™ Stemless Collection is made available in 10oz Stemless Flute, 12oz Stemless Glass and a 12oz Carafe.






CaterLine® Contours™ SQUARE thermoformed trays and dome lids offer an attractive contemporary design while providing the strength, crack crush resistance and visual appeal of PET. 

Available in 3 standard sizes; 10.7”, 14” & 16” (equivalent to 12”, 16” & 18” round trays). 

Tray corners can be custom decorated with Signatures™ patent pending technology (minimum 30 case order)! 

Trays designed with stay-fresh (juice trap) channel. 

Dome Lids: 
     - Also fits Milan™ IM trays offering single-stocking convenience!
     - Dual tabs facilities easy lid removal! 
     - Dome lid design allows for secure stacking of multiple tray sizes and confident transport!





Continuing a legacy of innovation, WNA expands the exceptionally popular Reflections™ single-use silver-look disposable cutlery offering with Reflections™ Select™.


  • The popularity of Reflections™ and ‘like’ products has created demand for more design options.  Reflections™ Select™ carries the well-known and trusted brand of Reflections™ with a new contemporary silhouette.

  • This sophisticated single-use piece is a unique and attractive alternative to the white, black or clear disposable cutlery that is common in the market. 

  • With sleek and contemporary styling, Reflections™ Select™ is the ideal choice for special occasions and every day!  

  • Reflections™ Select™ coordinates with any disposable plate line for a great presentation.


Click here for more information on Reflections™ Select™




WNA is pleased to introduce the latest additions to the Signatures™ lineup!


New Items added to the Signatures ™ offering:

• Masterpiece™ 6” & 9” Plates: Black, White, Ivory

• Milan™ Small Dessert (MS6) & Luncheon (MS9) Plates: Black & White

• Milan™ Cocktail Plate: Black Only

• CaterLine® Round Rigid Trays 12”, 14”, 16” & 18”: Black Only

• Casuals™ Round PET Trays 12”, 16” & 18”: Black

• Milan™ Square Rigid Trays 10.5”, 11.9”, 13.9” & 15.8”: Black ONLY

• CaterLine® 9” Heavy Duty Tong: Black

Create Lasting Impressions with Signatures™ by WNA!

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New WNA Offering Signatures™ Innovation



Signatures™ is a revolutionary patent pending innovation in food-service products that allows an event planner, a caterer or a food service operator to add a logo, an event name or a special message - their 'Signature' - to their tableware. This versatile proprietary development facilitates short run customization of a range of tableware items. The ability to customize and personalize foodservice articles adds value by creating a unique merchandising appeal, providing advertising opportunities and driving repeat sales. This innovation is unique in the industry and provides WNA a competitive advantage by creating a one-of-a-kind value proposition.


Signatures™ ... Creating Lasting Impressions.


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WNA addes more size offerings to the Milan™ drinkware offering!




WNA announces the new sizes now available: 8 oz., 9 oz., & 12 oz. Milan™ Square-to-Round Tumblers!

WNA brings another trend to the table with Milan™ square-to-round disposable tumblers. The versatile design also allows for use with an assortment of beverages from juices and soda to beer and wine. Additionally, the Milan™ tumbler is ideal for upscale events, outdoor dining areas and everything in-between. 


Milan™ Drinkware ... Square with Flair!


Click here to view the Milan™ Sqaure-to-Round Tumbler brochure



WNA is pleased to announce a new packaging design

for the popular Reflections™ stemware products.




WNA brings another innovative option to the table by offering the Reflections™ Stemware products in pre-assembled packaging.  This new package design offering is both attractive and convenient while reducing time and labor associated with assembling the top to base.

The existing retail packaging of the Reflections™ Stemware products are still available (click here for more information).  This new pre-assembled packaging design adds another offering to this popular product line!

Reflections™ Pre-Assembled Stemware …

Another Reason to Raise Your Glass!


For more information, click here to view the Reflections™ Pre-Assembled Stemware sell sheet.




Petites® 6.5” Tongs!



WNA is pleased to announce another addition to the Petites® product line: Petites® 6.5” Tongs!

The ‘small plate’ trend has become wide spread and continues to grow. The new Petites® 6.5” tongs add another offering to this trendy product line of small disposable serving products. 

These versatile pieces are an elegant enhancement for creative displays of tasting menus!  Available in black and clear, the Petites® tongs are ideal to use with other Petites®, CaterLine® and CheckMate™ servingware products.

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New CaterLine® Contours™ Square PET Bowls & Lids



From salads to pre-packed lunch or even bakery, the new  CaterLine® Contours™ 9” Square bowl & lid line is a must-have in supermarkets, delis, chain restaurants, cafeterias, grocery or convenience stores, bakeries and grab ‘n’ go displays.

The contemporary style creates a unique merchandising appeal, as well as a sophisticated table-ready presentation and an easy-to-eat option, driving incremental sales through increased impulse purchase.

With a trendy square shape and unique lock-in tabs, the new CaterLine® Contours™ bowls and lids are easy to stack and create attractive displays, offering a distinctive alternative for casual lunch, dining-in or to-go applications. 

The new line cross-merchandises well with other WNA products: Milän™ Trays and Dinnerware, Reflections™, CaterLine® Casuals™, CheckMate™, etc.

With a distinct design and unique features the new CaterLine® Contours™ Line offers the following SKUs:
• 9” Square Bowl - 32oz - Black
• 9” Square Bowl - 32oz - Clear
• 9” Square Bowl - 48oz - Black
• 9” Square Bowl - 48oz - Clear
• 9” Square Flat Lid - fits both 32oz & 48oz bowls - Clear
• 9” Square Dome Lid - fits both 32oz & 48oz bowls – Clear


Secure & Stack in Style with New CaterLine® Contours™ Square PET Bowls & Lids!


Click here to view the CaterLine® Contours™ Brochure



Finesse™ Dinnerware and Cutlery



WNA is excited to introduce a completely new line of disposable dinnerware – Finesse™!

Finesse™ is the first full line disposable dinnerware offering made from Polypropylene (PP) [recycle symbol #5].  With a lower carbon footprint, PP is recognized as a ‘greener’ disposable solution. Additionally, Finesse™ dinnerware products are microwaveable, durable and extremely versatile. 
The Finesse™ product line offers the following products: plates: 6”, 7”, 9”, 9” 3-compartment, 10.25”, 10.25” 3-compartment, 12 oz. bowl; Cutlery: fork, knife and spoon. 








WNA items already available under the Signatures™ initiative include Masterpiece™ & Milan™ 7.25” & 10.25” plates, CheckMate™ Trays, CaterLine® Tongs, Serving Forks & Spoons.