New Products from WNA


WNA is pleased to announce… Finesse™ Dinnerware is Now Available in WHITE!

WNA originally launched the Finesse™ line in 2011 and to date, the line has only been available in black. Due to the popularity and functionality of this line, WNA has expanded the offering to a second color – WHITE.

The new Finesse™ White Dinnerware products include: 6", 7", 9" and 10.25" plates in addition to a 12 oz. bowl.




WNA is pleased to launch a new FunCups™ stock design – Farmers’ Market!  

Like other FunCups™ designs, the Farmers’ Market design has a unique “Search & Find” activity to keep children entertained and occupied!

This new kids’ cup ships as a combo pack with 250 thermoformed cups and 250 disposable lids. WNA now offers 4 stock FunCups™ designs:






WNA Expands The Popular Petites® Collection By Offering 9 New Items! 

Feedback and research from Focus Group Sessions show the need to have even more variety with Petites® like products, as this is a hot trend in the industry. These new Petites® items offer and array of styles for endless application possibilities!

The new Petites® items are as follows:

  • 2.75 oz. Double Wall Sided Glass – available in clear
  • 1.5 oz. Round Tall Shot Glass – available in clear
  • 2 oz. Tapered Tasting Glass – available in clear
  • 2.25 oz. Tapered Deep Dish – available in clear, black & white
  • Bay Leaf Tasting Spoon – available in clear, black & white
  • 3.5” x 2.5” Rectangular Dish – available in clear, black & white
  • 4” Square Wavy Dish – available in clear, black & white
  • 4 oz. Dual Compartment Bowl – available in clear, black & white
  • 3-Compartment Tray – available in clear, black & white





WNA expands the popular Reflections® Cutlery Roll product line by offering the a new napkin design: white with gold trim!

The new Reflections® Roll with gold trim includes a Reflections® fork, knife & spoon rolled in a linen-quality white with gold trim dinner napkin and sealed with an elegant band.  Ready-to-use sets eliminate preparation time, reducing the high cost of labor, without compromising an upscale presentation. With convenient case packs comprised of four 30-count bags, planning for various sized events is easy.

WNA now offers 4 Reflections® Cutlery Rolls including:

  • REFROLL2 (Reflections® Fork & Knife, rolled in a white napkin)
  • REFROLL3 (Reflections® Fork, Knife and Spoon rolled in a white napkin)
  • REFROLL3BK (Reflections® Fork, Knife and Spoon rolled in a black napkin)
  • REFROLL3GLD (Reflections® Fork, Knife and Spoon rolled in a white napkin with gold trim) … NEW!




WNA introduces the new contemporary square plate line: Milan™ Grand™! Trendy in shape and sophisticated in style, the versatile design allows for multiple applications from sit-down events to bistro settings.

Made in the USA, these plates are packed with shrink wrapped sleeves to prevent scuffing and also have a printed label for an attractive shelf display.
The Milan™ Grand™ product line complements well with our Milan™ Tumblers and Reflections® Select™ cutlery. Custom decorating is available with our patent-pending Signatures™ technology.




The Gala™ plate can be comfortably used with virtually any size and style drinkware, stemware, can or bottle! It’s the ultimate cocktail plate for “meet and greet” social events.

The patented design allows guests to hold their food and drink in one hand, while simultaneously being able to eat and greet with the other. No more juggling food and beverage to free a hand. Finally!

How is mingling made easy? With Gala™ plate from WNA!






It’s Unique. It’s Sophisticated. It’s Stemless!

WNA is excited to introduce our newest innovation in drinkware; the Reserv™ Stemless Collection! Made from shatterproof PET, complemented by its visually appealing design, these glasses are the ideal single-use serving solution for stunning food & beverage presentations at any indoor or outdoor event!

 Reserv™ Stemless Collection is made available in 10oz Stemless Flute, 12oz Stemless Glass and a 12oz Carafe.





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